Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today I kind of had all sorts of things sorted out and decided to make my very first DIY. It's a really, really easy temporary tattoo made of aluminium foil. I somehow had to go for wings, cause, well, what girl doesn't want wings on her back?

You'll need:

        -   aluminium foil
        -   eyelashes adhesive
        -   a stencil or drawing skills
        -   scissors
        -   some kind of pen or pencil

First you've got to copy the stencil by simply tracing your stencil or directly drawing some kind of design onto the foil. I would recommend a pencil, because it doesn't leave any marks at all. Afterwards you have to cut out your design.

Next lay your design in front of you. The non-shiny side should be facing you. Gently apply the eyelashes adhesive and wait for a moment to let it dry. The rest is pretty self explaining, as you pick it up, place it on your most favorable body part and apply a bit of pressure.

Although the edges might fray, the tattoo is sturdier than it looks. I've worn a smaller cross on my arm for a whole day. In my opinion it gets even prettier when looking a little messy and worn off. Enjoy and if you will decide to do your own, I'd desperately want to see the pictures :)

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