Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I kind of really love the idea of knitting with knitting dolls and once I read about it somewhere, I had to do it again. Therefore I decided on a cord-covered rope-light-thingy, that was quick to make and looks beautiful.

I actually didn't have a knitting doll around anymore, so I used a toilet-paper-roll with pencils tapen on it. I also used 6 pencils instead of the classical 4 loops, to make the cord a bit more komplex. The whole process is quite easy: you just knit about two balls of wool into cords and pull it over a simple chain of lights. I used a thick one you can also use for writing words or something, because it has an even surface. Smaller lights might work out as well, but it is a lot more difficult to pull the cord over.

Many thanks to Julia, the best roommate ever, for taking these beautiful pictures!

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  1. Woohoo,love,looove everything,honey!;)