Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I kind of really love the idea of knitting with knitting dolls and once I read about it somewhere, I had to do it again. Therefore I decided on a cord-covered rope-light-thingy, that was quick to make and looks beautiful.

I actually didn't have a knitting doll around anymore, so I used a toilet-paper-roll with pencils tapen on it. I also used 6 pencils instead of the classical 4 loops, to make the cord a bit more komplex. The whole process is quite easy: you just knit about two balls of wool into cords and pull it over a simple chain of lights. I used a thick one you can also use for writing words or something, because it has an even surface. Smaller lights might work out as well, but it is a lot more difficult to pull the cord over.

Many thanks to Julia, the best roommate ever, for taking these beautiful pictures!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today's got to be the day....

...(respectively the evening) of me finally getting down to posting something real, something I've actually made. I'm starting slowly by posting my older stuff with the purpose of getting used to being someone really blogging ;) You gotta know I'm kind of hyperventilating in front of my screen, staring at those beautifully taken pictures showing a slightly disorientated me. Enjoy!

First is one of my favourites showing me wearing one of my very first DIYs: this sunbeam-like bangle